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Applications – from your professional in Graz

Casino / Gaming

A new partnership with the Japanese company ANGEL PLAYING CARDS CO., LTD. will expand the market share for the HF reader SLRM1000 dramatically which can be contributed to its surpassing detection speed and performance!

Animal ID

In cooperation with a British consortium, freaquent will provide an animal ID reader to detect the Bolus or Ear-tag transponders of calves and cows when they step on a weighing platform. It is part of a sensor network on a cattle farm and helps improve preventive medical care for individuals and the whole herd.

Document Tracking

Several hundreds of documents, record cards, invoices or for example driving licences placed in a box can be identified in less than a second on a 3D antenna of freaquent or thousands or millions of documents in law offices, hospitals, police stations or in governmental offices placed in shelves can be tracked in real-time.

System Support and Customization

A major part of our R&D was and is driven by our customers' requests to help integrate RFID in the standard flow of production lines, conveyor belts or other logistic processes. We provide advice to them on what RFID technology could be the best solution for their application. In case the product portfolio of freaquent fulfils the requests, we assist our customers during the start-up phase of their project as well as with small adaptions in firmware or hardware or in the maintenance phase if necessary. Sometimes there is no fitting product available off the shelf. So either freaquent will help to find the best solution provided by other suppliers or, in case there is no such technology available yet, freaquent might offer the development of such a device.

Smart Cabinet / Smart Shelf

Our Smart CABINET solution is an intelligent and real-time storage solution that identifies products and goods and it performs an automatic inventory after each user interaction. It enables the provider of the goods to take care of the product balance of the stock and the system can place automatic product orders or generate invoices. Especially in hospitals, the additional benefit is tremendous for both the administration of the hospital as well as the supplier of the products, for example, implants directly in the operating room of the hospital!

Gas Cylinder Tracking

Focused on the demand of gas cylinder management systems freaquent developed a highly sophisticated Reader Device for EX II 2GD Ex d IIB+H2 applications.

With an integrated Multiplexer for up to 3 antennas, the fastest detection speed for the fastest conveyor speed and PoE+ and Ethernet connectivity this reader and antenna system provides the best convenience at the highest security.

Technical Details

  • EX II 2GD Ex d IIB+H2
  • IP67
  • 100m PoE+
  • 2 In & 2 Out lines (isolated)

Running Project

Gas cylinder filling plant in Kuwait with IDtek Germany

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